File format processing and document management APIs for .NET and Java

Develop .NET and Java apps for document conversion, merger, comparison, annotation and other file processing functions for Microsoft Office, PDF, Outlook, HTML and over a 100 popular file formats.

Define the right system for your document manipulation needs

Our intuitive and easy-to-use document management solutions allow you to process files while also providing a wide range of functionalities to deal with documents, images, emails and much more.



Product Family

Conholdate.Total Product Family suite is the one stop solution for managing, parsing and manipulating all popular file formats including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, PSD, HTML, Text, PNG and JPEG files across .NET and Java platforms. Whether you are developing mobile or web applications, or building cutting edge file management systems, Conholdate.Total Product Family API solutions can help you achieve your goals.

Platform independence

Cross-platform document APIs for .NET and Java environments.


Seamlessly integrate into your existing business solutions.

File Manipulation

Convert, compare, merge, search, watermark and annotate multi-format files.


Tailor made for individual users as well as small and large enterprises.

Conholdate.Total for

Conholdate.Total for .NET

Conholdate.Total for .NET is a complete package for developers to build mobile and web applications for document editing and manipulation in C#, ASP.NET, Winforms and VB.NET. It offers a range of powerful features making Conholdate.Total for .NET the choice of developers worldwide looking to manipulate well-known file formats effortlessly.


File encryption and security in place


Work with different .NET frameworks

Microsoft Automation

No need to install Microsoft Office

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Conholdate.Total for

Conholdate.Total for Java

Conholdate.Total for Java allows you to leverage native Java APIs for all kinds of document processing, file conversion, merger and manipulation functionalities across popular Java environments. Create powerful, high-performance and highly configurable Java applications for different user interfaces.

File format support

Hundreds of popular file formats supported


Easy to use API features

Microsoft Automation

No need to install Microsoft Office

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Looking for help?

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Native file format processing APIs

Robust architecture

  • .NET & Java frameworks supported
  • Efficient error handling

Regular Updates

  • Up-to-date API features list
  • Frequent upgrades and fixes

File manipulation

  • Process documents and images
  • Work with emails and HTML files

File formats library

  • Support for more than a 100 file formats
  • Manipulate all well-known formats

File conversion

  • Convert between document types
  • Export converted documents seamlessly

Popular choice

  • Preferred by .NET & Java app developers
  • Global app development user-base